Elektra Bottom

Elektra Bottom


Us ladies are indecisive yet, always aim to stand out.  

Elektra’s bottoms dare to deliver that ultimate Summer feel with their booty perfecting scrunch butt design and skin baring strapped sides. Shine bright, darling.

About Our Brand:

Our brand promises quality high end fabrics, unique designs, multifunctional style and comfort that is unrecognizable.

We proudly manufacture our suits in eco-friendly factories in New York City with quality Italian and American made fabrics, some of which are recycled because Mother Nature is too beautiful to ignore.

All of our styles come equipped with super soft, durable lining and high grade athletic mesh material for ultimate breathability, superior stretch and design accents that we haven't been able to find anywhere else such as our signature removable mesh hoods and reversible tops.

Elektra Bottom:
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