Life is grand and the world is your oyster. Life is also short and with a universe full of so many things to see and experience, our mission is to make conquering a happy, healthy and carefree lifestyle a piece of cake and doing what you set out to do in style and comfort is like the best tasting icing on the big sweet cake of life.  

Our first line makes having your cake and eating it too a daily possibility with our versatile line of suits that allow you to swim, sweat and slay all day and night.  

Our brand promises quality high end fabrics, unique designs, multifunctional style and comfort that is unrecognizable.

We proudly manufacture our suits in eco-friendly factories in New York City with quality Italian and American made fabrics, some of which are recycled because Mother Nature is too beautiful to ignore.

All of our styles come equipped with super soft, durable lining and high grade athletic mesh material for ultimate breathability, superior stretch and design accents that we haven't been able to find anywhere else such as our signature removable mesh hoods and reversible tops.

We strive to create distinctive yet functional pieces making your busy day effortless, yet fashion-forward.  Our styles are to be utilized for much more than the beach or pool.  Our tops transform into supportive activewear for working out, fit into your daily wardrobe for shopping and brunching and kill it as a statement piece for a night out.  

If you want quality comfy edgy styles that give you the best bang for your buck and a run for your money, look no further. We are working hard to bring you even more functional pieces as we grow our brand so our first swimwear line is just the beginning.  Gaetani is here to stay and to make your life even more awesome.  We are here so you can be yourself, be happy and be awesome.  Rock on. 


 Laura Gaetani, a self-taught sewer, started creating custom swimwear as "Hiatus Bikinis" in 2010 for friends and fans on Facebook and Instagram.  

Knowing life is too short to not follow your passion, Laura decided to take her designs to the next level and take that leap of faith to self fund her very first line in 2016.  

Her avant love for Summer, art, fashion, comfort and the many things that make this world beautiful and unique radiate from her one of kind functional statement suits.  And this is only the beginning. 

Want a suit custom made for you? Email us at! 

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