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An artist by nature, this humble entrepreneur has been adding excitement and value to the lives of those around her for years.  Whether it is her creative spirit, resiliency, can-do attitude or love of all things Summer, Laura Gaetani is unforgettable to those who have the privilege of knowing that.  

As a self-learned sewer, her passion to design really came to life in 2010 when she started “Hiatus Bikinis” and began creating handmade customized swimwear for her friends and fans on Facebook and Instagram.  It wasn’t until she realized her purposefulness of making others feel beautiful and free that the dream of matching passion and purpose began to materialize.

Through faith in her abilities, wisdom and her Earthly character, her radiant personality would not be swayed.  It was then that Laura pushed herself to take a hiatus from the status quo, make her dreams a reality and let her hobby become her passionate commitment. 

Enter “Gaetani Lifestyle Brand”, the product form of Ms. Gaetani.  Laura's self-funded brand was created to radiate a positive lifestyle, creative energy and unforgettable memories... all things necessary and required to carry the mission of its creator.

That mission is to produce the highest quality, insanely versatile, chic swimwear that makes the brightest and best days even more awesome through feel good, flawless fashion.

“A designer is not a job title.  It is a mindset and a way of life.  it is not something you do.  It is a state of being that follows you throughout.  An unshakeable determination to make things better.  Better than what they were before you arrived.  For her, better isn’t just about making better swimwear.  It is about being better for the people who wear it.” ~ Sean P. Reilly


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 Life is as beautiful and grand as it busy and short.  With a universe full of so many things to see and experience, my mission is to provide the best made, most versatile swimwear with badass style that make living an active and social, happy and healthy and a driven yet defiantly carefree lifestyle easily obtainable.

The inspiration behind my brand is pretty simple - Providing quality products that are unique and multi-faceted yet sensible and so straightfoward, they speak for themselves.

I created unique yet versatile statement pieces making those jam-packed days effortlessly chic yet anything but basic with fashion, function and fine quality at the forefront of my motivation and purpose. With styles designed for those sun-kissed beach days, those hot yoga flows and those champagne toasts, all you ab crunchers, boozy brunchers, party crashers and money stackers can stop right here cause I created that purple unicorn of swimwear that you've all been waiting for.  

Swim, sweat & slay all day with Gaetani Brand and make every day the best day.